Snow Child
Rules & Regulations
1. Follow the rules.

Entrants must observe all applicable rules and regulations and follow all instructions from police or parade officials. The Coatesville Christmas Parade, Inc. committee reserves the right to remove any entrant from the parade at any time.

2. Display placard at all times.

All parade participants including automobiles and groups must display the official identification placard with your position number all times. Mount the placard on the font of your entry, such as in the front windshield of a car, so that is will be visible to the judges. If the judges do not see your number you will not be eligible for award competition and subject to removal from the parade.

3. No throwing candy or anything else!

No candy or any other items are allowed to be thrown from any entry! Although intentions are good, throwing candy, little children and moving vehicles are not a safe combination. If you would like to distribute candy you must have someone walk along the sidewalks and give the candy out by hand.

4. No more than 3 minutes in judging area.

Strict time limits will be enforced for performing in the judging area. You will have a maximum of 3 minutes to set up and perform.
Anyone exceeding the time limit will be disqualified from the awards competition, and at the discretion of the parade officials told to stop their performance and immediately leave the judging area.

5. Maintain 1 car length spacing

The parade must keep moving forward at all times.
Do not stop unnecessarily and please leave no more than 1 car length between you and the unit ahead of you.

6. No reckless driving.
Any automobile, truck or motorcycle that drives in an unsafe manner, including spinning tires and/or doing burn-outs, will be told to leave the parade and will not be invited back to future parades.

7. Registration and Claim Waiver are required.

All entrants, or the authorized representative for a group or business, must register and accept the "Claim Waiver" before you will be allowed to participate.
The safety, liability and operation of your float, entry, automobile, group or organization is your sole responsibility.

8. Limited number of entries.

Other than fire companies and police departments, a maximum of two entries per registrant may participate per year.

9. Licensed and insured drivers.

All motorized vehicles and anything being towed by a motorized vehicle must be insured and must be driven by a licensed and insured driver.

10. No Santa impersonators.

There is one, and only one, Santa allowed in the parade.
Santa traditionally arrives in town riding on top a fire truck ending the parade. Please honor this tradition and do not include a live Santa in your entry.